Toptracer Range

Bring out your friends and family to play a series of mini games (closest to the pin, longest drive and more!) or golf 18 virtual holes at a collection of courses from around the world.


Play at at one of our 10 Toptracer Range driving range stalls with up to 4 people on a single stall.

And if it's your first time, we'll give you half an hour for free to try it out! Call or visit us today to get started!

Toptracer Range Evergreen Lethbridge

What is TopTracer?

TopTracer is an outdoor virtual golf ball tracer. Using high-speed cameras across the range, TopTracer is able to pick up ball flights and provide accurate data on the computer screens at each range bay. With this technology, TopTracer offers a variety of games to play that translate to all skill levels! TopTracer can save club data and distances to your account, making it a great tool for experienced players. Games like GoFish and the Points game make it a fantastic activity for beginners as well! If you are looking for a new activity you've never tried before, come give it a shot! We can't emphasize this enough...absolutely no golf experience is needed!

To learn more about TopTracer, head to

TopTracer Game Modes:

Virtual Golf: Log in up to 4 players and play 18, 9, or a customized number of holes on some of the world's most iconic golf courses such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Torrey Pines, and many more!

My Practice: Get your numbers dialed in with My Practice! Select each of your clubs individually and get ball flight-driven data that averages out your numbers to give you the most accurate yardages, ball speeds, carry distances, and much more.

Closest to Pin: Get your friends and take aim at individually selected holes from the some of the world's most iconic golf courses to get closest to the pin!

Points Game: Compete against other players in collecting as many points as possible based on distance or accuracy!

Long Drive: Who can hit it the farthest? This is the game mode to settle the battle. Join friends or compete against the world in Long Drive!

Approach Challenge: Take aim at 9 different approach situations to test your short irons! Gather the least amount of points and win!

Driving Challenge: Test your skills with your driver in 9 different tee-off locations that will challenge your precision and power!

Go Fish: Play individually or as a group to catch as many sea creatures as possible in this family friendly game!

TopTracer 30: Test your skill by attempting 30 shots including driving and approach shots with the results showing your handicap.  Great for validating your practice sessions.

evergreen golf driving range on a summer evening

Standard Rates:

1/2 Hour + Large Bucket (90 Balls) = $21.00 per stall

1 Hour + Large Bucket (90 Balls) = $24.00 per stall

All TopTracer bays are first come first serve! No booking is needed!


Please check our hours of operation, we will sell our last range bucket 30 mins before close.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the TopTracer Range give us a call at 403-329-4500


Toptracer Range

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All Time

Toptracer Range Rates

Toptracer Rental (includes GST)

  • Small Bucket + 1/2 Hour Toptracer (approximately 30 balls) – $9.00
  • Medium Bucket + 1 Hour Toptracer (approximately 60 balls) – $19.50
  • Large Bucket + 1 Hour Toptracer (approximately 90 balls) – $24.00
  • 1 Hour Toptracer with no Golf Balls – $10.00
  • 1/2 Hour Toptracer with no Golf Balls – $7.00


Planning a birthday, family outing, or corporate event? Take advantage of our group rental rate!

Group Rental (Min. 2 Stalls)

  • $30/Hour with unlimited balls!
  • Maximum 4 people per driving range stall
  • Must be pre-booked
  • Includes drink service