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Senior Men’s League 2018

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Mon 16

Senior Men’s League – Wednesday Morning

May 2 @ 10:00 am - September 19 @ 12:00 pm
$255 | Tickets left: 9

Any questions please contact Kevin or Josh at (403) 329-4500.

The dates of league are as follows:

Starting Date: May 2, 2018
Ending Date: September 19, 2018

Cost: $255.00 (+GST)

League Includes:

  • Weekly Green Fees for the Wednesdays of League
  • 3 Rain Checks
  • Wine and Cheese the first Night
  • Weekly Prizes for Low Gross, Low Net, Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, Long Putt
  • Year end finale with dinner, team and individual prizes.
  • Green Fee Discount $12.00
  • Add a 7 Day Seasons Pass for $325.00 or a 5 Day Seasons Pass $225.00 + GST. If you add the season pass there will be no rain checks for league.
  • Discounts on Green Fees and Golf Shop Items for the 2018 Season

Hans Hulstein will be coordinating the league for the 2018 season along with help from the golf shop staff. We thank him for his commitment.

Please call if you have any questions, suggestions or to sign up for the 2018 season. Thank you for your previous participation and we look forward to seeing you soon.


The league finale will take place Sept. 19 playing a Scramble Format. Shotgun starts at 10:00 am. Please register in the golf shop between 9:15 and 9:45 am. If you are unable to attend or are not staying for the meal please call the Golf Shop at: 403-329-4500.

There will be a putting contest on Hole #1.

Meal and Prizes to follow. Please confirm your choice of chicken or steak the week before the finale.  A baked potato, garlic bread, pasta and Caesar salad will accompany the meal.

Handicaps Listed Below Schedules

Tee Times – All Sr. Men will Shotgun Start at 10:00 am.

  Senior Men’s League July 4th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Clarke Garry Wardlow Tom Feuffel Errol Crooks Nelson Hulstein Hans
2 Heron Victor Bernie Ryan Sauter Rod Campbell Aaron Tony Grant
3 Wood John Alkerton Gerald Walters Richard Hilborne Neal
4 Hutton Ken Knapik Dennis Bodie Arnold Pennock Roy
5 George Bob Tedder Brian Morasch Gord Lisecki Victor
6 McCleary Charles Dmytryshyn Morris Lewis Barry Hale Brian Kiefuik Brian
7 McMonagle Mark Matson Al Cresswell Steve Hinds Gerry
8 Bell David Manis Jim Davie Al Lowe Mel
9 Allen Bruce Nichaus Owen Lee Rick Granger Ed
  Senior Men’s League July 11th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Hale Brian Cresswell Steve Walters Richard Bernie Ryan Alkerton Gerald
2 Bell David Sauter Rod Morasch Gord Tedder Brian Tony Grant
3 Lee Rick Matson Al Feuffel Errol Nichaus Owen
4 Hulstein Hans Pennock Roy Lowe Mel Kiefuik Brian
5 Campbell Aaron Clarke Garry Wardlow Tom Hilborne Neal
6 Bodie Arnold Hutton Ken Crooks Nelson Lisecki Victor McMonagle Mark
7 McCleary Charles Granger Ed Knapik Dennis Manis Jim
8 Dmytryshyn Morris Davie Al Wood John Heron Victor
9 Allen Bruce George Bob Lewis Barry Hinds Gerry
  Senior Men’s League July 18th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Nichaus Owen Wood John Hinds Gerry Campbell Aaron Dmytryshyn Morris
2 McCleary Charles Bernie Ryan Crooks Nelson Alkerton Gerald
3 Davie Al McMonagle Mark Pennock Roy Clarke Garry
4 Morasch Gord Lisecki Victor Lewis Barry Walters Richard Tony Grant
5 Bodie Arnold Manis Jim Feuffel Errol Lowe Mel
6 Tedder Brian Hutton Ken Cresswell Steve Bell David Allen Bruce
7 Lee Rick Hulstein Hans George Bob Kiefuik Brian
8 Heron Victor Wardlow Tom Hilborne Neal Granger Ed
9 Hale Brian Knapik Dennis Matson Al Sauter Rod
  Senior Men’s League July 25th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Lewis Barry Feuffel Errol Tedder Brian Cresswell Steve Manis Jim
2 McCleary Charles Campbell Aaron Heron Victor Hutton Ken
3 Clarke Garry George Bob Kiefuik Brian Morasch Gord
4 Wardlow Tom Lisecki Victor Matson Al Davie Al
5 Bell David McMonagle Mark Lowe Mel Knapik Dennis Tony Grant
6 Dmytryshyn Morris Hulstein Hans Bernie Ryan Crooks Nelson Lee Rick
7 Alkerton Gerald Walters Richard Sauter Rod Bodie Arnold
8 Hale Brian Granger Ed Allen Bruce Nichaus Owen
9 Hilborne Neal Hinds Gerry Pennock Roy Wood John


  Senior Men’s League Aug 1st
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Hulstein Hans Dmytryshyn Morris Hutton Ken Allen Bruce Sauter Rod
2 Lewis Barry Morasch Gord Bernie Ryan Hale Brian
3 Lisecki Victor Crooks Nelson Hilborne Neal George Bob
4 Pennock Roy Feuffel Errol Bell David Campbell Aaron Tony Grant
5 Clarke Garry Nichaus Owen Alkerton Gerald Granger Ed
6 Kiefuik Brian Tedder Brian Cresswell Steve Heron Victor Wood John
7 Bodie Arnold Hinds Gerry Matson Al McMonagle Mark
8 Lowe Mel Manis Jim Lee Rick Knapik Dennis
9 Walters Richard McCleary Charles Wardlow Tom Davie Al
  Senior Men’s League Aug 8th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Bernie Ryan Hale Brian Crooks Nelson Sauter Rod Matson Al
2 Hilborne Neal Bell David Hinds Gerry Lowe Mel
3 Manis Jim Nichaus Owen Tedder Brian George Bob
4 Wood John Clarke Garry Alkerton Gerald Walters Richard
5 Allen Bruce Bodie Arnold Lewis Barry Kiefuik Brian
6 McCleary Charles Knapik Dennis Hulstein Hans Hutton Ken Davie Al
7 Lee Rick Morasch Gord Pennock Roy Wardlow Tom
8 Feuffel Errol Heron Victor Lisecki Victor Campbell Aaron
9 Dmytryshyn Morris Granger Ed McMonagle Mark Cresswell Steve Tony Grant


  Senior Men’s League Aug 15th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Hinds Gerry Lowe Mel Wood John Morasch Gord Granger Ed
2 Nichaus Owen Clarke Garry Tedder Brian Wardlow Tom
3 Crooks Nelson Hale Brian Hutton Ken Bell David
4 Alkerton Gerald Knapik Dennis Lisecki Victor Dmytryshyn Morris
5 Matson Al Sauter Rod Campbell Aaron Davie Al
6 McCleary Charles Bodie Arnold Lewis Barry Heron Victor Allen Bruce
7 Manis Jim Hilborne Neal Cresswell Steve George Bob
8 Walters Richard Kiefuik Brian Hulstein Hans Feuffel Errol
9 Lee Rick Pennock Roy Bernie Ryan McMonagle Mark
  Senior Men’s League Aug 22nd
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Hutton Ken Lewis Barry Kiefuik Brian Hinds Gerry Sauter Rod
2 Pennock Roy Heron Victor Walters Richard Morasch Gord Tony Grant
3 Dmytryshyn Morris Davie Al Lowe Mel Lisecki Victor
4 Bernie Ryan Lee Rick Campbell Aaron Knapik Dennis
5 Hale Brian Alkerton Gerald Nichaus Owen Hulstein Hans
6 Wood John Matson Al McMonagle Mark Hilborne Neal Allen Bruce
7 Manis Jim McCleary Charles Crooks Nelson Clarke Garry
8 Tedder Brian Wardlow Tom Bodie Arnold Cresswell Steve
9 Bell David George Bob Granger Ed Feuffel Errol


  Senior Men’s League Aug 29th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Lowe Mel McMonagle Mark Lewis Barry Kiefuik Brian Knapik Dennis
2 McCleary Charles Bernie Ryan Heron Victor Davie Al
3 Matson Al Bodie Arnold Feuffel Errol Pennock Roy
4 Allen Bruce Morasch Gord Hale Brian Campbell Aaron
5 Alkerton Gerald Hilborne Neal Cresswell Steve Nichaus Owen
6 Wardlow Tom Granger Ed Wood John Lee Rick Clarke Garry
7 Sauter Rod Hutton Ken George Bob Hinds Gerry
8 Walters Richard Lisecki Victor Dmytryshyn Morris Manis Jim Tony Grant
9 Hulstein Hans Bell David Crooks Nelson Tedder Brian
  Senior Men’s League Sept 5th
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 Alkerton Gerald Allen Bruce Sauter Rod Hinds Gerry Wardlow Tom
2 Pennock Roy Lisecki Victor McMonagle Mark Clarke Garry
3 Feuffel Errol Morasch Gord McCleary Charles Davie Al
4 Bodie Arnold George Bob Wood John Tedder Brian
5 Hulstein Hans Bell David Lowe Mel Hilborne Neal
6 Granger Ed Cresswell Steve Manis Jim Nichaus Owen Campbell Aaron
7 Bernie Ryan Matson Al Dmytryshyn Morris Knapik Dennis
8 Walters Richard Lewis Barry Heron Victor Hutton Ken
9 Bodie Arnold Lisecki Victor Allen Bruce Alkerton Gerald Tony Grant
  Senior Men’s League Sept 12th 
Starting Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 McMonagle Mark Sauter Rod Walters Richard Lee Rick Granger Ed
2 Lowe Mel Hale Brian Allen Bruce McCleary Charles
3 Clarke Garry Kiefuik Brian Pennock Roy Manis Jim
4 Morasch Gord Tedder Brian Feuffel Errol Dmytryshyn Morris
5 Hinds Gerry Crooks Nelson Knapik Dennis Hutton Ken
6 Lewis Barry Alkerton Gerald Hilborne Neal Hulstein Hans George Bob
7 Bernie Ryan Campbell Aaron Bodie Arnold Lisecki Victor
8 Bell David Wardlow Tom Heron Victor Nichaus Owen Tony Grant
9 Matson Al Wood John Cresswell Steve Davie Al

Handicaps –

As of June 27th

Names Handicaps
Alkerton Gerald 10
Allen Bruce 10
Bell David 7
Bodie Arnold 16
Campbell Aaron 9
Clarke Garry 15
Cresswell Steve 7
Davie Al 5
Dmytryshyn Morris 13
Feuffel Errol 10
George Bob 10
Granger Ed 10
Grant Tony 13
Hale Brian 11
Heron Victor 13
Hilborne Neal 12
Hinds Gerry 7
Hulstein Hans 5
Hutton Ken 6
Kiefuik Brian 11
Knapik Dennis 7
Lee Rick 13
Lewis Barry 9
Lisecki Victor 10
Lowe Mel 14
Manis Jim 9
Matson Al  
McCleary Charles 9
McMonagle Mark 10
Morasch Gord 11
Nichaus Owen 13
Pennock Roy 7
Ryan Bernie 12
Sauter Rod 6
Tedder Brian 11
Walters Richard 7
Wardlow Tom 13
Wood John 8