Senior Men’s League 2023

Senior Men’s League 2023

Evergreen’s Senior Men’s League is intended to be a social league with a shotgun start at 10 am every Wednesday. Upon arrival please go directly to your hole and wait for the horn to blow. After the round please turn scorecards in and prizes will be given out the next week. Each week has prizes for proximities, low gross.  Groups are rotated each week so players get the opportunity to meet all players in the league. 

League Includes: 

  • Weekly Green Fees for the Wednesdays of League
  • 3 Rain Checks
  • Weekly Prizes for Low Gross, Low Net, Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, Long Putt
  • Year end finale with dinner, team and individual prizes.
  • Green Fee Discount
    • Weekend $14.00
    • Weekday $16.00
  • Add a 5 Day Seasons Pass for $310.00 or a 7 Day Seasons Pass $450.00 + GST
  • Discounts on Green Fees and Golf Shop Items for the 2023 Season


Starting Date: May 10th, 2023
Ending Date: September 13th, 2023
Cost: $280.00 + GST

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This Week: 

Proximities for tonight!

For those new to the league, here is how each week will go:

  1. First we will send out an email very similar to this one stating who you are playing with for this Wednesday, what the game will be, and the winning prizes to be handed out the next week for those teams. 
  2. When you arrive, check in with the front kiosk, they will tell you what hole you are starting on. This will also give you an opportunity to pay $1 into our Closest to the Pin Challenge.
  3. The staff will then let you know the game for the week.
  4. You will then head to your starting hole for 10:00am.
  5. After playing please return your scorecard to the staff.

Week #5

Proximites for Wednesday June 7th, 2023

Retro/80’s Day!

Best Ball – Each player will hit their tee shot, the best shot will be determined by the team and everyone will pick up their balls and move to the “best ball”. Do this until the ball is in the hole. You only need to record one score. 

Hole #2 – If your ball lands on the green – write your name down – Membership Draw

Hole #6 – Closest to the Pin

Hole #7 –  Closest to the Line

Hole #9  – Longest Putt

Prizes from May 31st, 2023:

Four Man 1, 2, 3 – Victor, Derek, Ron, Ken F.

Hole #2 – If your ball lands on the green – write your name down – Membership Draw – Kelly Huxtable

Hole #3 –  Closest to the Pin – Rick Lee

Hole #6 – Longest Putt – Andy Beaudin

Hole #7 – Closest to the line  – Ed Granger

Low Gross – Ron Hoar 

Low Net – Ken Forbes

Starting Hole

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4


Kelly Huxtable

Torben Johansen

Randy Neufeld

Ross Barton


Doug Parker

Allyn Langager

Tony Pigat

Rick Lee


Pat Close

Derek Bennett

Duane Kenemy

Brian Tedder


Doug Scotney

Andy Beaudin

David Rohovie

Bill Dudas


Ken Hutton

Keith Nugent

Wayne Tedder

Dan Lang


Rod Sauter

Roy Pennock

Ron Zonta

Michael Greeff


Gerry Hinds

Al Davie

Ken Forbes

Ed Granger


Neal Hillborne

Jeremy Robinson

Errol Feuffle

Ron Hoar


George Bourassa

Victor Lisecki

Gord Morasch

Bob George

    Dates and Games:

    Week 1: May 10th

    • Scramble – Tee Times

    Week 2: May 17th

    • Dice Game 

    Week 3: May 24th

    • Regular Play

    Week 4: May 31st

    • Four Man One, Two, Three – This game works on a 3 hole rotation. On the first hole, your team score is made up of the score that is the lowest among the team. On the second, your team score is made up of the two lowest scores of your team. On the third, your team score is determined by the three lowest scores on your team. Then the rotation begins again. 

    Week 5: June 7th – Retro/80’s Day

    • Best Ball

    Week 6: June 14th

    • Mystery Holes – Five holes will be chosen to determine the team score. The team keeps all players’ scores. The team total will be determined by adding the score on the 5 holes.

    Week 7: June 21st

    • Card Game

    Week 8: June 28th 

    • Dice Game

    Week 9: July 5th – Tropical Day

    • Best Ball 

    Week 10: July 12th 

    • Par Points – each player plays their own ball, and the team will receive points for how they score on each hole.
      • Hole–in-One 6 points
      • Eagle 5 points
      • Birdie 4 points
      • Par 3 points
      • Bogie 2 points
      • Double Bogie 1 point
      • Greater than 0 points

    Week 11: July 19th

    • Regular Play

    Week 12: July 26th

    • Evens

    Week 13: Aug. 2nd

    • Card Game

    Week 14: Aug. 9th – Jersey Day!

    • Best Ball

    Week 15: Aug. 16th

    • Regular Play

    Week 16: Aug. 23rd

    • Odds – Each player plays their own ball; the team score will be determined from adding up all the odd holes together

    Week 17: Aug. 30th

    • Four Man One, Two, Three

    Week 18: Sept 6th

    • Regular Game

    Week 19: Sept 13th

    • Year-end Scramble