Ladies League 2022

    Ladies League 2022

    Evergreen’s Ladies League is intended to be a social league with tee times starting at 3:30 pm.  Each week there will be a different format played and players will have an opportunity to win prizes. Join as an individual, group of 2 or a team of 4 players. Join either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights.

    The league will operate similar to last year until Covid-19 restrictions ease.

    For those new to the league, here is how each week will look:

    1. First I will send out an email very similar to this one stating what the game will be, how to play the game, and the winning prizes that will be handed out the following week for those teams that won.
    2. When you arrive for your scheduled tee times, we will have you check in with one of our staff. This will be located at the first tee box at a table. You will be given a registration package. This will also give you an opportunity to pay $1 into our Closest to the Pin Challenge (explained below).
    3. The staff will then let you know the game for the week.
    4. Your team will then tee off at your designated Tee Time. 
    5. After playing please return your scorecard to the staff. Your team cannot win without giving your scorecard to us. 

    League Includes:

    • Weekly Green Fees for each night of League.
    • 3 Rain Checks for nights you can not attend.
    • Weekly Prizes for Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, Long Putt and Draw prizes on some holes.
    • Year End finale with dinner, team and individual prizes. (final decision made later in summer depending on Covid-19 restrictions).
    • Green Fee Discount $16.00.
    • Add a 5 Day Seasons Pass for $295.00 or a 7 Day Seasons Pass $425.00 + GST.
    • Discounts on Golf Shop Items for the 2022 season.
    • Tee times will start at 3:30 with the last tee time at 6:18 pm. Tee times will be every 9-10 minutes. Ladies will be asked to arrive 5 minutes before tee time to maintain social distancing between groups. 
    • League play may change at anytime due to Covid-19. Any forced cancellations or reduction of play due to Covid-19 will be evaluated at the time of cancellation with a credit to the players account or a refund.

    Starting Date:  May 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2022
    Ending Date: August 29th, August, 30th, and August 31st, 2022

    • Monday League $260.00 + GST (No League on Holiday Mondays)
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    • Tuesday League $280.00 + GST
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    • Wednesday League $280.00 + GST
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    This week will be: Dice Game –

    • All players tee off from white tee. 
    •  Each player is numbered from 1-4 and plays their own ball. All players record their own scores. The maximum score per hole is 7
    •  After you complete the hole, roll the dice. The number that is rolled corresponds to the player number on the scorecard, that is your team score.  For example, if you role a 3, you use player 3’s score for that hole. 
    •  If you role a 5 or a 6 take the lowest score for the team.
    •  If you only have 3 players and you role a 4, then roll again. 
    • Continue this for every hole

    Monday Tee Times: 

    Tee Times

    Player #1

    Player #2

    Player #3

    Player #4


    Amy Breznik              

    Karla Pyrch

    Jane Cameron   


    Barb Lundstad 


    Tobie Spitzer

    Miki Saito

    Sheri Osberg

    Shareen Monaghan


    JJ Ondrus

    Shannon Court

    Jaime Roberts        

    Kaleigh Reys 


    Kristie Lynne-Sitter

    Chris Dore

    Charmaine Uys

    Sona Poddar


    Carole Wood

    Nellie Atchison




    Nancy Cline

    Colette Tremel

    Brenda Wolsey

    Marlene McNeely







    Lauri Basso

    Barbara Wolstoncroft

    Terrie Teitz

    Nelly Joa


    Stephanie Lapointe

    Kristyn Jerugensen

    Jennifer L’abbe

    Kendra Bloomberg*


    Dawna Ferguson

    Belinda Tomiyama

    Tracy Weiler



    Debra Scarfe

    Kristine Nicol

    Kim Mcdowell

    Iris Mitchell


    Natalie Amyotte

    Mare EastHope

    Carley Grant



    Kathy Sassa

    Jennifer Oishi

    Brenda Dudas

    Susan Krysztofiak


    Tammy Erikson

    Tiana Pollock

    Stacy Service Anderson

    Bonnie Miller


    Carla Ens       

    Erna Dyck

    Renee Bluekens

    Mindy Hellwig


    Sheri Olsen

    Wanda Lawrence

    Nicole Daub (Geske)



    Katie Clampitt

    Chanelle Bauer

    Terry Papov

    Sarah Gardner


    Sierra Bruining

    Samantha Wright

    Frederique Tremblay

    Laura Murphy-Burke


    Christy Martens


    Jane Chew

    Lynda Wilkinson

    Monday Prizes: 

      Dice Game Winners – Carol Wood, Nellie Atchison, Jean

      • Hole #1 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Membership) – Individual – Samantha Wright
      • Hole #5 – Longest Putt – Sage Hope
      • Hole #7 – Out of Bounds – Draw for Prize – Individual – Debra Scarfe
      • Hole #8 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Cash) – Individual – Tobie Spitzer


      • Hole #1 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Membership) – Individual – 
      • Hole #2 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Cash) – Individual
      • Hole #5 – Out of Bounds – Draw for Prize – Individual
      • Hole #9 – Longest Putt

        Tuesday Tee Times:


        Roz Kranzler

        Gail Thompson

        Eileen Peta

        Gwen Thomas


        Denise Clarke

        Pat Bodnar

        Jodi Bartz

        Maria Fitzpatrick







        Agnes Lepard

        Kaley Craddock

        Sharon Hood

        Bernie Weitz







        Terry Tokariuk

        Trudy Carrels

        Chris Harty

        Val Lowen


        Kelsey Harrison

        Dee Lamb

        Christa Schaupmeyer

        Loreen Mezei (single)







        Erica Thompson

        Gayna Welsh

        Connie Jackson

        Monica Bennis


        Donna Donelly

        Jan Driver

        Jan Pittman-Hein

        Laura Deboer


        Karla Langevin

        Bernie Boulet

        Tami VanCleave

        Jenn Suggitt


        Cindy Brau

        Sheila Hilmer

        Robin Conrad

        Courtney DeBoer


        Karen Burla

        Sandra McNeely

        Talayna Gartner



        Sandra Smienk

        Deanna Gillis

        Kimberely Coonfer

        Linda Groenenboom


        Kenzie Dupuis

        Kali Roth

        Stephanie Quan

        Kiera Rozenuk


        Line Gagne

        Kim Huisman

        Susan Amero

        Shalane Hebert


        Ashley Wentz

        Michelle Degroot

        Kim Schenher

        Lacey Smith


        Mariko Boulet

        Shilo Zeller

        Heidi Shaw

        Nikki Colucci  


        Jill Tamura

        Treena Trechka

        Guilliana Bortolussi

        Hillari Blaylock


        Tina Andre Hepple

        Linda Simpkins

        Anna Andre Gunderson

        Le-Anna Currie

        Tuesday Prizes:

        Dice Game Winners: 

        Kenzie Dupuis, Kali Roth, Stephanie Quan, Kiera Rozenuk

        • Hole 1 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Membership) – Individual –   Bernie Weitz
        • Hole 5- Longest Putt –  Dee Lamb
        • Hole 7-  Out of Bounds –  Kenzie Dupuis
        • Hole 8- Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot –  Jan Driver

        Tuesday Proximities:

        • Hole #1 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Membership) – Individual – 
        • Hole #2 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Cash) – Individual
        • Hole #5 – Out of Bounds – Draw for Prize – Individual
        • Hole #9 – Longest Putt

        Wednesday Tee Times:

        Tee Times       

        Player #1

        Player #2

        Player #3

        Player #4


        Jodi Killoran

        Linda Killoran

        Viv Raaeel

        Patricia Williams


        Margaret Kiers

        Bev Smith

        Joan Maclean

        Donna Nordin


        Debra Snaith

        Val Nemeth

        Loretta Craddock

        Carol Reiter


        Joey Hendry

        Jamie Ager

        Pat Williams

        Gwen Tanis


        Carol Block

        Geri Trautman

        Shelley Thom



        Jessie Rieger

        Natasha Tompkins

        Kristyn Jaffray

        Patti Caven


        Shawn Hamilton

        Karen Nyrose

        Mel Vegter

        Rae Ann Thrall


        Roz Morris

        Lori King

        Jan Pilling

        Diane Hewko


        Laura Hoar

        Janet Friebel 

        Melissa Austin         

        Wanda Willis


        Erin Fieguth

        Shanda Webber

        Jade Reach

        Brandi Reindl/Jen Dueck


        Brenda Alkerton     

                    Rebecca Sanford

        Yvonne Barthel

        Pat Hobberstad


        Crystal Volk

        Jaime Takahashi

        Kendra Beaulieu

        Kylie Burgwal


        Sarah Quinlan

        Bev Wiebe

        Sylvia Smithson



        Andrea Varzari

        Andrea Hogan

        Daelynn Takahashi

        Sherrilyn Bittman


        Toni Schultz

        Christy Martens

        Angie Kubik

        Marla Bloudoff


        Leanne Spitzer

        Jennifer Rohaly

        Shelly Pfeffel

        Jodi Evanson


        Sherry Castelli

        Donna Johnson

        Chris Groves

        Kim Tataryn


        Lindsay Versteeg

        Amber Erickson




        Lisa Abramson

        Alaine Wells

        Anny Chenard

        Anna Olsen


        Avice Dekelver

        Jaden Cullen

        Darla Tyler

        Anna Marie-Moulding

        Past Wednesday Prizes:

        Dice Game Winner – Joey Hendry, Jamie Ager, Gwen Tanis

          • Hole #1 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Membership) – Individual – Carol Reiter
        • Hole #5 – Longest Putt – Mel Vegter
        • Hole #7 – Out of Bounds – Draw for Prize – Individual – Jody Killoran
        • Hole #8 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Cash) – Individual – Sherry Castelli

        Wednesday Proximites:

        • Hole #1 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Membership) – Individual – 
        • Hole #2 – Closest to the Pin (KP) on Tee Shot (Cash) – Individual
        • Hole #5 – Out of Bounds – Draw for Prize – Individual
        • Hole #9 – Longest Putt

        League Schedule:

        Dates and Summary of Games each week: 

        Week 1: May 9-11 – Opening Night/Scramble/Drinks

        • Scramble – Tee Times

        Week 2: May 16-18

        • Dice Game 

        Week 3: May 23-25

        • No League for Monday
        • Regular Play

        Week 4: May 30, 31, and June 1

        • Four Man One, Two, Three – This game works on a 3 hole rotation. On the first hole, your team score is made up of the score that is the lowest among the team. On the second, your team score is made up of the two lowest scores of your team. On the third, your team score is determined by the three lowest scores on your team. Then the rotation begins again. 

        Week 5: June 6-8 – Retro/80’s Night

        • Best Ball

        Week 6: June 13-15

        • Mystery Holes – Five holes will be chosen to determine the team score. The team keeps all players’ scores. The team total will be determined by adding the score on the 5 holes.

        Week 7: June 20-22

        • Regular Play

        Week 8: June 27-29

        • Dice Game 

        Week 9: July 3-5 – All Things Colour! Neon/Rainbow!

        • Best Ball

        Week 10: July 11-13

        • Regular Play

        Week 11: July 18-20

        • Par Points – each player plays their own ball, and the team will receive points for how they score on each hole.
          • Hole–in-One 6 points
          • Eagle 5 points
          • Birdie 4 points
          • Par 3 points
          • Bogie 2 points
          • Double Bogie 1 point
          • Greater than 0 points

        Week 12: July 25-27

        • Evens Odds – Each player plays their own ball; the team score will be determined from adding up all the even holes together.

        Week 13: Aug. 1-3

        • Regular Game
        • No Golf for Monday League

        Week 14: Aug. 8-10 – Tropical Night! 

        • Best Ball

        Week 15: Aug. 15-17

        • Odds – Each player plays their own ball; the team score will be determined by adding up all the odd holes together.

        Week 16: Aug. 22- 24

        • Regular Game

        Week 17: Aug. 29-31

        • Year-end Scramble 
        • Prizes

        Procedures when you arrive:

        • Please do not show up more than 10 minutes before your tee off time and no later than your scheduled time to help keep social distancing in place.
        • Please tee off at your scheduled time – even if the first green has cleared.
        • When you arrive registration will be at the west fence by the first tee box please have your team line up on the 2 metre lines. 
        • You will receive a scramble registration package upon check in. In this package you will find a scorecard and a pencil 
        • The format for the first night will be a scramble and upon completion of your round please turn score cards in to the front attendant.
        • Team and proximity prizes will be given out the following week.
        • Purchase of drinks and snacks must be ordered from the front attendant as there will be NO beverage cart for the first two weeks.
        • If you are wanting to make a purchase within the pro shop we are allowing limited numbers of customers into the shop. Please ask the attendant at the front prior to entering the pro shop. Please sanitize your hands when entering the Golf Shop, if you are handling product please put on a pair of gloves.
        • Washrooms are available 
        • Please do not touch or remove flags from the greens. We have a modified cup which allows you to remove your ball using only your putter.
        • Please review our processes for the course that are also attached.

        Covid-19 Rules for Golf Course Play:

        1. Players must practice social/physical distancing at all times. (ie. length of arm while holding a club)

        2. No “playing through” At no time will groups be permitted to play through one another.

        3. Continuous putting rule in effect. Player closest to the hole will putt first and continue putting until his/her ball makes contact with the raised cup. 

        4. Do not remove flags. No rakes on the course. Players may rake bunkers with their feet.

        5. All washrooms on golf course are open with hand sanitizer.  

        6. Pro Shop is open with limited access.

        7. Outside Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Snack and beverages are available for purchase through Starter.

        8. Return all assembled pull carts to starter when finished.