Club Fitting

Custom Club Fittings

How To Book Your Club Fitting:

  1. Choose a date and time that best fits into your schedule.
  2. Provide us with information to get in contact with you.
  3. Provide us with details on your skill level.
  4. Check off what type of equipment you are looking for.
  5. Lastly, receive notifications on your phone and schedule your appointment!


To book a specific professional see below....

To book a fitting with Marcus Meneghetti please click HERE

To book a fitting with Jaden McIntyre please click HERE

To book a fitting with Josh Walker please click HERE

To book a fitting with Evan Webber please click HERE


What Is A Club Fitting?

Golf club fitting is a process in which a golfer's swing is analyzed to determine which type of golf clubs would best suit their needs. This involves examining factors such as swing speed, body measurements, and swing tendencies to identify the ideal club length, shaft flex, and clubhead design on the Trackman system. A properly fitted golf club can greatly improve a golfer's accuracy, distance, and overall performance on the course. Fittings are for beginners to advanced players, everyone can benefit from properly fitted golf clubs.



What Brands Do You Carry?

Titleist, PING, Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno, Cobra, Srixon, Cleveland, Tour Edge, and XXIO

What Kind Of Technology Do You Use For The Fitting?

We use the Trackman 4, this is a powerhouse machine that uses a combination of radar and camera tracking to assist our fitters in choosing the best set of clubs for your needs. To find out more about Trackman, click HERE

How Long Does A Fitting Take?

Most fittings take 1 to 1.5 hours.

How Much Does A Fitting Cost?

There is a $150 fitting fee, however, the fee will be applied to the cost of the clubs if purchased through Evergreen Golf Centre.

Should I Bring My Current Set With Me To My Fitting?

Yes! It can provide a baseline as a comparison to new clubs.


*Please Note Below: The dates and times specific Golf Professionals are available. 

Trackman Club Fitting

  • 1 hour fitting for a Driver or any single club.
    • Cost: $150.00 + GST
  • 1 hour fitting for a complete set of irons.
    • Cost: $150.00 + GST
  • Include Range Balls for warm-up.
  • Golf Balls for the Fitting.

If clubs are purchased from Evergreen then the cost of the fitting will be applied to the purchase of the clubs.

Check Out Our New Trackman Club Fitting Room

Trackman Fitting Room