Club Fitting

3 Reasons Why This Is The Best Time To Get Fit:

#1 You're In Game Shape - Once the season comes to an end, you practice less and play less. Right now, you are in game shape, you're flexible, you're loose, and you're in the right mindset to learn.

#2 You Know Your Swing - By the time April 1st comes around, your swing may have altered slightly before you start practicing or playing again. Right now, you understand what has worked this season and what has not. Put that information towards our fitters to get an informed decision on what kind of clubs fits you the best. 

#3 Don't Waste Precious Golf Rounds In Spring To Wait For New Clubs - your clubs will need to get ordered after a club fitting to fit all your specifications taken by our golf professionals. With ordering your clubs you will experience wait times as the vendors have to get the components ready to put the shaft and head together then ship it to us. Wait times varied with each vendor this year, some were 6-8 weeks, some 3-5. Wait times may not get better next season, therefore, would you rather wait approximately 5 weeks in spring to get new clubs? Or wait 5 weeks this winter so that you can have your clubs on the first day next season? The answer is pretty obvious to us 🤷‍♂️


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    Putter Fittings will be booked separately on most occasions.
    (If you know which fitter you would like to work with please select them above. If you have no preference, please select "First Available Fitter" and the first available fitter from the list above will contact you.

Trackman Club Fitting

  • 1 hour fitting for a Driver or any single club.
    • Cost: $100.00 + GST
  • 1 hour fitting for a complete set of irons.
    • Cost: $100.00 + GST
  • Include Range Balls for warm-up.
  • Golf Balls for the Fitting.

If clubs are purchased from Evergreen then the cost of the fitting will be applied to the purchase of the clubs.

Check Out Our New Trackman Club Fitting Room

Trackman Fitting Room