Men’s League 2020 Update

Men’s League 2020

Sponsored by Classic Fare Catering

Evergreen’s Men’s League is intended to be a social league with tee times starting at 5:00 pm. Each week has prizes for proximities, low gross and low net scores. Each week there will be a different format played. Join as an individual, group of 2 or a team of 3 players.

League Includes:

  • Weekly Green Fees for each night of League
  • 3 Rain Checks for nights you can not attend
  • Weekly Prizes for Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, Long Putt and Draw prizes on some holes.
  • Opening Scramble followed by Food and Beverage the week of May 7 (Cancelled due to Covid-19, money allocated for this event will go towards draw prizes)
  • Year End finale with dinner, team and individual prizes (dependent of Covid-19 legislation)
  • Green Fee Discount $14.00
  • Add a 5 Day Seasons Pass for $285.00 or a 7 Day Seasons Pass $370.00 + GST
  • Discounts on Green Fees and Golf Shop Items for the 2020 Season

Starting Date: ThursdayMay 28th, 2020
Ending Date: Thursday , September 17, 2020
Cost: $270.00 + GST

Sun 09

Men’s League 2020 Update

May 28 @ 5:00 pm - September 17 @ 5:00 pm
$270 | Tickets left: 4

Men’s League Week 12 – Odds

  • Each Player plays their own ball; the team score will be determined from adding up all the odd holes together
  • Just like with evens, the team with the LOWEST score after all odd holes added up will win. 

Important Notes:

  • Aaron will be taking over league for the remainder of the season and will be your contact person for any issues or conflicts. You can reach him through the pro shop at (403) 329-4500 or by email at [email protected]
  • Clarification for KP Birdie – If your shot is closer to the tee than someone else’s (even if the player made the putt) you still move the proximity and put your name on it. If you do not make the birdie putt you put “no” next to your name and if no one else gets closer and makes the putt then the cash gets pushed forward to the next week. It is closest to the pin regardless of if the putt is made but to receive the cash you must make the birdie.
  • Just a friendly reminder to practice golf etiquette while playing to ensure no back up on the course. This includes showing up and being ready to tee off at your appropriate tee off time, waiting until the team ahead of you is off the green or at a far enough distance to tee off safely, playing the appropriate amount of balls for your team, taking re-shots only when necessary and only spending a limited amount of time searching for missing balls. Our tee times are scheduled ten minutes apart so you have ten minutes to play each hole. If there is an open hole in front of you this is generally a sign of slow play. Lastly, please make sure you are teeing off at your scheduled tee off time unless otherwise specified by the front attendant. There is a clock on the first tee off box for your reference.

Tee Times: Thursday August 13th, 2020:

Tee Time

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4


Grant Fyfe

Tom Phillips

Pat Asplund

Al Verestiuk


Rob Mensch

Trevor Wasilenko

Greg Johnson

Frank Pardi


Dave Kortt

Brian Thiessen

Dave Kunst

Mark Dieser


Raymond Tousignant

Dave Roy

Dale Jeremias



Dan Bushey

Perry Siegl

Andre Haesler

Dave Bendfeld


Vernon LaRocque

Brad Pack

Andrew Roth

Stephen Bore


Shaun Vander Heide

Patrick Ouinet

Tim Deobald

Darcy Pansky


Gary Tonks

Marcus Trotz

Ron Reichert



Aaron Hargrave

Dave Ferguson

Cam MacLeod

Mitch Dibben
















Proximities: August 13th 

Players have the option to pay $5.00 and have a chance to win Closest to the Pin ($2.00 per player), Closest to the Pin make Birdie  ($2.00 per player, no Birdie money carries over to the following week), and $1.00 goes into the pot for a hole-in-one (pot grows each week until hole-in-one is made).

Hole 1: Every player whose ball stays on the green after tee shot put name on proximity (Draw)

Hole 2: Out of Bounds (Draw)  

Hole 4: Closest to the Pin (Cash)

Hole 5: Longest Putt 

Hole 8: Closest to the pin on tee shot must make birdie (Cash)

Thursday, August 6th Prizes: 

Even’s Winning Team: Rob Mensch, Trevor Wasilenko, Greg Johnson, Frank Pardi

Hole 1: Every player whose ball stays on the green after tee shot put name on proximity (Draw)  – Aaron Hargrave

Hole 3: Longest Putt – Craig Tomiyama

Hole 7: Out of Bounds (Draw) – Andre Haesler

Hole 8: Closest to the Pin (Cash) – Dave Kortt

Hole 9: Closest to the pin on tee shot must make birdie (Cash) – Pushed Forward

Procedures when you arrive:

  • Please do not show up more than 10 minutes before your tee off time and no later than your scheduled time to help keep social distancing in place.
  • Please tee off at your scheduled time – even if the first green has cleared.
  • When you arrive registration will be at the west fence by the first tee box please have your team line up on the 2 metre lines. 
  • You will receive a scramble registration package upon check in. In this package you will find a scorecard, pencil and gloves. Please ensure one team member wears the gloves when filling out on the proximity markers. 
  • The format for the first night will be a scramble and upon completion of your round please turn score cards in to the front attendant.
  • Team and proximity prizes will be given out the following week.
  • Purchase of drinks and snacks must be ordered from the front attendant as there will be NO beverage cart for the first two weeks.
  • If you are wanting to make a purchase within the pro shop we are allowing limited numbers of customers into the shop. Please ask the attendant at the front prior to entering the pro shop. Please sanitize your hands when entering the Golf Shop, if you are handling product please put on a pair of gloves.
  • Washrooms are available at the main building but washrooms on course remain CLOSED.
  • Please do not touch or remove flags from the greens. We have a modified cup which allows you to remove your ball using only your putter.
  • Please review our processes for the course that are also attached.

Covid-19 Rules for Golf Course Play:

  1. Players must practice social/physical distancing at all times. (ie. length of arm while holding a club)

  2. No “playing through” At no time will groups be permitted to play through one another.

  3. Continuous putting rule in effect. Player closest to the hole will putt first and continue putting until his/her ball makes contact with the raised cup. 

  4. Do not remove flags. No rakes on the course. Players may rake bunkers with their feet.

  5. All washrooms on golf course are closed.  

  6. Pro Shop is open with limited access..

  7. Outside Alcohol is strictly prohibited. Snack and beverages are available for purchase through Starter.

  8. Return all assembled pull carts to starter when finished

  9. 18-Hole players must check-in with Starter before starting their second 9 holes.

  10. In case of inclement weather Rain Checks may be issued…. No refunds

Evergreen would like to thank Classic Fare Catering and Aramark for supplying prizes for the 2020 Men’s League.

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