Club Repairs

It’s important to keep your golf equipment in game shape. Our certified club repairmen will ensure that your clubs are up to your standards. We offer a variety of club repair services.

Some Services We Provide:

 – Grip Installation – Need new grips? Our staff will help you find the correct size and feel that fits your game. Our staff will then dispose of old grips and apply the new ones to your clubs with any special instruction required. Old grips can be saved as well, in most cases, our repairmen can remove your grips for you in addition to putting on new grips. 

 – Shaft Replacement – Have a broken club? Or just need a different shaft? We have the right tools and knowledge necessary to remove and install all graphite and steel shafts. We carry many shaft options in regular flex, stiff flex, and lite flex. 

 – Club Extension – Do your clubs feel too short or long for you? We offer club extensions for any club. Extensions are put at the top of your club in the grip. 

 – Lie/Loft Changes – Are your club distances off with your clubs? Our repairmen use a variety of tools for irons, drivers, wedges, and putters to get the specifications of your swing to the exact point you need it.

 – Replace Ferrule – Is the small black tip by the heal of your club coming off? We can re-attach that piece or replace it. 

 – Re-Attach Head – Did your club head fall off your shaft? Or is it loose? Don’t worry about finding a new club, our repairmen can re-attach it at a very small fee. 

 – Remove Rattle – Does your driver sound like a rattlesnake when you swing? This is usually a simple fix! Bring it in and we can remove your club head and investigate what’s inside!

For any other services please inquire by calling us at 403-329-4500