2024 Senior Lessons

2024 Senior Lessons

For 2024, Evergreen Golf Centre will be offering two types of lesson sessions for adults over the age of 50.   The first will be a series of 4 lessons geared towards beginner level players.   This includes brand new players to golf as well as people returning to the game from a long hiatus.  The second lesson series is geared towards tips and drills for players of all levels while enjoying complimentary beverages during the lessons.   For more details about each offering see below.

2024 Beginner Senior Lessons

Dates : Session #1 – May 7,9,14,16 1pm-2pm 

Session #2 – June 4,6,11,13 1pm-2pm Cancelled


Cost : $99 + GST

Clubs provided as needed

In our beginner sessions we will ensure proper fundamentals are learned.   From grip, to stance, to shot selection we will help you feel comfortable hitting the ball.   We will also discuss some of the main rules and etiquette that will help you have a good time on the golf course with less intimidation.

Lesson 1 – The putting green – We start by learning about our various clubs but with a main focus on the putter.   The putter is the club you will use the most on the golf course as it puts the ball into hole.   We will learn how to hold the club and how to stand comfortably beside the ball.   Next we will practice striking the ball various distances to help get a feel for the greens and how the ball rolls on the grass.   We will do a few drills and games that help hone in specific skills required to improve at putting.   Finally, we will do a game where we learn about scoring and the standard of expection you should strive for on the golf course.

Lesson 2 – The short game – In this session we will learn about our shorter club used to chip the ball onto the green as well as out of the sand traps.   Having a strong short game is the fastest way to lower your scores.  We will learn how to hit low and running shots as well as higher and softer shots.   We will learn how the different clubs can affect the flight of the ball and it’s roll on the green.  We will learn a few drills to help refine your technique.  Finally, we will do a simulation of chipping onto the green and putting the ball into the hole to start the feeling of what it is like to play on the actual golf course.

Lesson 3 – The full swing – In this session we will learn about our longer clubs, the irons and the woods.  We will learn how to hold the club for full swings and how to set up comfortably beside the ball.   We will learn some basic swing mechanics that will promote airborne contact and distance.  Finally, we will play a simulated hole using our Toptracer technology.

Lesson 4 – The golf course –  During this session we will take what we learned to the golf course!  We will play 9 holes of golf at Evergreen Golf Centre.  The holes here are generally shorter than a full size course and create the perfect learning environment.  Let’s have fun!

2024 Senior Sip and Swing Lessons

Dates : Session #1 May 21,23,28,30 1pm-2pm

Session #2 June 18,20,25,27 1pm-2pm 

Cost $149.95 + GST

Clubs provided as needed

Grab some friends and join us for a little golf instruction with drinks!

Sip and swing is a program that focuses on good fundamentals on and around the green as well as the full swing.   Our hope is that you will feel more confident and comfortable practicing and playing the great game of golf.

The program is made up of 3 instructional sessions and 1 fun round of 9 holes.

Session #1 –  Pints and Putting

The goal of the game is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible.  Curiously, most golfers spend the bulk of their practice hitting the ball far and straight on the driving range and tend to omit practicing putting and other short shots.   A 2 foot putt counts the same as a 200 yard drive.   This session will show the fundamentals of how to hit a good putt and more importantly will show you multiple ways to practice your putting when you have opportunities to do so.   A plethora of drills and games will be shared.   The thrill of making a long putt is just around the corner!

Session #2 – Wine and Wedges

Getting the ball onto the green can offer one of the bigger challenges in the game.   It may seem simple to chip the ball close to the hole so we can tap it in but the reality is that most high scoring holes come from disasters that occur around the green.  This session will give you the tools needed to simplify the short game.   Chipping, pitching, and sand shots will be covered and at the end of the session we hope you will feel more prepared for each situation on the golf course.

Session #3 – Sip and Swing

Every golf hole starts off with a full swing.  It most likely will be with a driver but it could be with any of your other clubs depending on the length of the hole.  This session will help you better understand the critical aspects of pre-shot preparation as well as key fundamentals to focus on during your swing.   By then end of this session you will know how far you hit certain clubs and have key thoughts to help you avoid your biggest mistakes.

Session #4 – Margaritas and Mulligans

It’s time! Out we go on to the course to try everything we have learned over the previous 3 sessions.   Rules and etiquette are covered but the round is more focused on fun.   Mulligans mandatory!

For more information regarding our lesson programming contact Evan Webber at [email protected]