Go-Karts (Closed)

Go-Karts are now CLOSED for the season.

Elevation changes • An under/over bridge • Multi-layout circuit that is appealing to all levels of interest • State of the art electronic kart control and timing systems to compare your lap time or your time to a friend

Go Kart Buddies

Go-Kart Rates (Includes GST)

  • $2.00 per lap sold in bundles of 10, 15, 20 laps
  • 10 Laps - $20.00
  • 15 Laps - $30.00
  • 20 Laps - $38.00
  • 1 hour private rental (5 karts on track, Must pre-book track time) - $420.00

New Age Restriction to Drive Go Karts

All Go-Kart riders must be:

  • 18 years-of-age or older
  • 58" or taller. (147 cm)
  • Double Karts available for Adults to drive Under aged children. Child must fit in seat and have body strength to hold head up with a helmet on.

Packages (Prices include GST)

Package 1


  • Miniature Golf
  • One Go Kart Ride (10 Laps)
  • Driving Range Small Bucket
  • Club Rental


  • Adult - $32.25 ($4.75 Savings)
  • Senior - $31.25 ($4.75 Savings)
  • Junior (17 & under)  - $31.25 ($4.75 Savings)
  • Additional 10 Laps - $18.00

Package 2


  • Miniature Golf
  • One Go Kart Ride (10 Laps)


  • Adult - $28.00  ($3.50 Savings)
  • Senior (60+) - $27.00 ($3.50 Savings)
  • Junior (17 & under) - $27.00  ($3.50 Savings)
  • Additional 10 Laps - $18.00
Go Karts

Go-Kart Rules

    • Patrons must follow all rules. All drivers MUST sign a Waiver and Release of Liability form for injury or damages that may occur.
    • All 16 and under patrons must provide birthdate on waiver.
    • A minimum height is required for adult karts.
    • A minimum age of 18 is required for adult karts. A double kart is available for younger participants. The double kart must be driven by an adult.
    • When in the pit area, participants must comply with all safety briefing instructions and obey all verbal and signaled commands.
    • When in a kart your seatbelt must be fastened at all times.
    • You must keep your hands on the steering wheel and feet inside the kart at all times.
    • Individuals wearing a cast or sling will not be permitted to drive karts.
    • Appropriate footwear must be worn: No high heels or bare feet allowed, closed toe shoes are highly recommended.
    • No loose articles or items of clothing. All scarfs and/or long necklaces must be removed.
    • No lose items in your pockets.
    • Cell phone use is prohibited while on the karts.
    • Long hair must be tied up and tucked in.
    • No person will be allowed to participate in karting if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • All drivers must wear a helmet and a headliner. You can bring your own helmet but it must be a CSA approved helmet. Helmets must fit snug and be done up.
    • All drivers will receive a mandatory safety briefing session by video.
    • Never stop on the track unless directed to by a ride host.
    • Kart racing poses a threat to those with back or neck injuries, heart conditions, or pregnant women. If you have these conditions it is highly recommended that you do not drive.
    • Evergreen will not tolerate any bumping or blocking of karts.
    • This is a FAMILY Centre, please do not use obscene language.

    Failure to follow the above rules may result in removal from the track with NO Refund.

    Evergreen Flag Descriptions

    Start or resume race.

    A yellow flag signals a warning or caution. In a race situation it usually indicates that there has been an accident or spin out. Drivers must slow down and approach with caution to pass the go karts that may be stopped on the track. No racing is allowed during yellow flag.

    The race has stopped. There may be an emergency on the track. Stop immediately on the side of the track or proceed to the nearest racing marshal when directed to do so.

    Disqualification flags are used when there has been a foul on the track. If this flag is pointed at you, you have 1 warning. A second time and you will be removed from the track.

    Indicates last lap.

    Race is complete. Please proceed to the pit. Drive slowly in the pit area. Stay in kart until ride host directs you to leave.